The beginning


ea9fd519de0ffc0839c3353a42e75662I’m good with goals. I enjoy having an a slightly unrealistic task in front of me and then conquering it.  The last several years, my goal has been completing my undergraduate and graduate degree while being a wife and mom. Once I finished school, I spent some time just enjoying being done, but then I eventually began to feel restless. Now some would say that having a full time job and being a mother should be enough to keep me occupied.  However, that’s not the case. I’m not happy unless I got a couple of balls in the air…

So I set for myself I completely arbitrary goal of reading 100 books this year. Why? Because someone told me I couldn’t do it. And that’s one sure fire way of making sure I try. Now, I know at the end of this year I won’t be getting a certificate to hang on the wall, I can’t put this on my resume and most people won’t care.  I’m doing it for me. I’m doing it for the personal satisfaction of  completing a goal I set for myself.

It’s week 14 and I’ve read 23 books so far. I need to read roughly 2 books a week to reach my lofty goal. I was afraid it would become burdensome, or take the joy out of reading.  So far it hasn’t. Half the fun has been compiling my to-read list. I’m eager to get on with it and to see where this year takes me.

I’m not a great writer. Why I think blogging is a good idea, I’m not sure. This little, humble, page of mine will be another adventure. I’m sure I will give my opinions and make recommendations about the books I read.  But that’s not why I am doing this. I am not a critic. Who am I to criticize anyone  who is brave enough to put heir art out there? My vision of this blog is  to chronicle my life through each book I read. To explore how literature affects me. I have no rhyme or reason for the books on my list for this year. I am already thinking of my reading challenge for 2015. See how I get ahead of myself…





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