#54-Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell


If I have said it once, I have said it a million times. I love me some YA. Eleanor & Park is a prime example of why this genre is great. It tells a story of two high school kids, in the late 80’s who during one school year fall in love, while trying to find themselves. Get ready for some heavy PG-13 petting. Who knew hand holding could be so hot?

I think why books like this speak to me so much is because I still remember. I remember being 16, and being awkward and not knowing where I fit in this world.  remember adults saying, “This is the best time of your life” and me thinking, “Please God, no!”.  I remember meeting that person who just gets you, and you don’t have to try so hard with them, or be self conscious, because you know they like you for all of your quirks. I remember falling in love for the first time, and truly believing that person can be your forever. And all you want to do is spend every single moment with that person, and it’s still not enough.

I love  feel these books, because I believe that teenagers can feel true love. It’s the purest form of romantic love there is. It’s  love you have before you get jaded by not able to find a job with your degree, or get bogged down by student loans. Its the love you have when you think love is enough, you can live on love, pay your rent in love. As long as you have love, nothing else matters. I should know, I married my high school sweetheart (still going strong)! But eventually, reality comes knocking, and that feeling fades, and you forget what it feels like to miss someone so much it literally hurts, or to crave their touch so much that a brush of the fingertips would suffice. So you read these kind of books, and for 380 pages, you remember.

I've become obsessed with P&E fan art!

I’ve become obsessed with P&E fan art!

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