#62- Where She Went by Gayle Foreman


The sequel to If I Stay, Where She Went gave me everything I needed. The first book had a great ending. It had a ending that demanded you read the second book. I wanted to know what happened next. I needed to know if Mia and Adam made it, if Mia remembered anything, if Mia ever would play cello again, would Adam become famous.  Thankfully, all of these questions were answered to my satisfaction.

I have fallen in love with the characters of Mia and Adam. I truly wanted the best for each of them. I wanted Mia to recover from her injuries, go to Julliard, be a concert cellist.I wanted her to find the closure she needed after the lost of her family. I wanted Adam to be there and support her. I wanted him to make it to the big times and play sold out shows. I wanted them each to have there haI think Mia and Adam were such great, fleshed out charcters. So likable, so perfect for each other.


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