#80- Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

  I am obsessed with Rainbow Rowell right now. Bordering on my love of all things John Green. Seriously, where were authors like this when I was in high school? Fangirl is about twins, Cath and Wren who go off to college. Wren ready to experience all that college has to offer, including boys and […]

#76-#78- Cross Fire Series by Slyvia Day

  Another guilty pleasure of mine. Call it what you want. But I just can’t help myself. It’s slightly embarrassing, it’s dirty, and I wouldn’t want my grandma knowing I was reading it. But trashy romance novels are the best, and sometimes a girl just needs a little smut. I was told to read this […]

#70- #74- Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (books 1-5)

Another series, my siblings and I weren’t allowed to read growing up. My super religious mother was not down with anything magical, fantasy like. We weren’t even allowed to watch most Disney movies, so a series by Greek Gods (emphasis on the plural), wasn’t definitely a no-no. Finally getting to read it as adult, is […]

#69- Dance with Dragons (Song of Ice and Fire 5) by George R.R. Martin

  I started reading these books about a year and a half ago and flew through the first four. As in, locking my office door to read for hours at a time. Then I took a few months off before starting book 5. And I was struggling, so confused, didn’t know what was happening. A […]

#68-Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth

If you’ve been following blog for a while you know my love for Tobias Eaton runs strong and deep. Four is everything a fictional boyfriend should be. Tall, handsome, strong, dangerous, slightly mean, and has daddy issues! Sign me up! Between him and Dean Winchester I am set! Four: A Divergent Collection is four shorts […]

#66- An Echo in the Bone and #67-Written in My Own Heart’s Blood By Diana Gabaldon(Outlander books 7 & 8)

                    *** SPOILERS AHEAD- because I am really excited!*** I am writing this post after seriously putting down book 8 just 20 minutes ago. I am suffering from serious book hangover. After reading all eight books in a matter of months, I am spent. And knowing […]