#76-#78- Cross Fire Series by Slyvia Day



Another guilty pleasure of mine. Call it what you want. But I just can’t help myself. It’s slightly embarrassing, it’s dirty, and I wouldn’t want my grandma knowing I was reading it. But trashy romance novels are the best, and sometimes a girl just needs a little smut.

I was told to read this series because, “It’s better than 50 shades” and it is. But I was expecting these books to be 50 shades-esque, and they are not. The similarities end at the main male character being hot, rich and powerful. There is no S&M, Eva the female lead is tough and the writing is much better (well for a trashy novel, let’s be honest. There are only so many ways to write a sex scene). I have several issues with the 50 shades series. Namely that Ana was such a weak character and I thought the relationship between her and Christian was borderline abusive. Not because of the S&M, either. Christian was emotionally abusive to Ana. And Ana routinely made excuses for him.

Eva, the female character is blonde, curvy 20-something trying to make it own her own in NYC. She’s smart, and funny. She has experience and doesn’t take any nonsense. Nothing like that weakling Ana. And Gideon Cross…le sigh. He’s everything women want in a man. Dark, dangerous, powerful, emotionally unavailable. Wrap that up in a three piece suit and call me happy. Both Eva and Gideon are so much more likable than Ana and Christian. The storyline is still outlandish and ridiculous, but that’s part of the appeal of this genre.

Book 4 comes out on November 18, and I really wish I could say I haven’t already per-ordered it. But then I would be lying…


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