#89- Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes


I rated this book two stars on GoodReads.com. Which for me, is practically unheard of, I love everything. There is rarely a book that I truly dislike, but unfortunately, Anatomy of a Misfit, didn’t do anything for me.

I was so excited to read this book. It was on a list of books to read if you like John Green, which we all know I adore John Green. I love young adult novels, I love coming of age stories and I thought this book had so much potential. Popular girl discovers what others think of her isn’t so important and falls for the nerdy, deep, hottie. It didn’t work.

First of all, it was crude. And not in the charming, “this is the way real teenagers talk” way of John Green or Rainbow Rowell. The language, the dirty jokes, the inappropriate comments, seemed forced, and cheap. It didn’t help move the story along or help endear any of the characters to me. The main character, Anika, was a brat who made bad choices. She was mean and hateful. She had a sob story that didn’t seem that bad to me and didn’t explain why she acted the way she did. She stole, she drugged her boss, she lied, she was mean to her dad and step-dad. She was torn between two boys, neither one seemed like a viable option. The popular older boy with a a player reputation, or the nerdy guy who is borderline stalkerish. Then all of a sudden tragedy strikes and Anika gives a speech in front of the school that would have been allowed in real life and The End? With no time for the readers to process what happened or for Anika to redeem herself. Maybe if the sudden tragedy that changes everything happened in the middle, Anika would have had time to show us that she is a changed girl ect, ect… It would have made all the difference in my opinion of this book.

PS- I hate saying bad things about others’ art. Supposedly, this was based on actual events the author experienced, and if that is true, then I understand why the book had to be written. I also want to say the shining light of this book is Anika’s mom. The only character I enjoyed.

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