#92- The House Girl


Recently, I have read several historical fiction novels with a very similar format; where is the past and present intertwine forming two distinct yet connected stories. After reading so many like this, I felt like the tactic was being overused, played out. It became boring to me. That is, until I read The House Girl.

The House Girl tells the story of Josephine Bell, a runaway slave and Lina, an attorney in modern times. Their lives intertwine as Lina tries to solve the mystery of paintings depicting scenes of a southern plantation. The author lets us watch Josephine gather the courage to make her way north. We learn to admire her courage and strength. We get to know Lina, a first year attorney in a corporate firm, struggling to find her place in the world.

Ok, look. Just read this book. It’s beautiful and I would dare to say the best historical fiction novel I’ve read this year. But the Royals just lost the World Series, and I am much more upset than I thought I would be. I mean, I don’t even like sports, but I am  a born and raised Kansas Citian,and it’s been 29 years,and my husband was so excited…

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