#95- The Selection by Kiera Cass


You had me at Young Adult Dystopian. The Selection is the first of a trilogy, about 16 year old America who finds herself in a competition to win the heart of the country’s prince, Maxon. But will her own low social caste, her sense of justice or the love she left behind keep her from the Prince?

The best way to describe this book is The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor. It has all the makings for a great YA series. A tough girl, hot guys, a love triangle, a unfair justice system, a brewing rebellion. I can see myself really getting into this story. However,  I am holding judgment until I at least read the second one. In this first book, America was not as kick ass as I was hoping. Sure, she’s spirited, feisty, but her greatest ambition is to be a wife. The fact that she wants to marry a guy in a caste but below her, instead of the prince is honorable, but doesn’t grant you heroine status.

But, because I really do think she has it in her to do something more with herself, and because I do think this story has so much potential, and because Prince Maxon may become my next fictional fling, I am willing to not write off these books quite yet.

One thought on “#95- The Selection by Kiera Cass

  1. Ah, I’ve read these ones! They’re not amazing but still a nice and easy read.

    Now that you began, you might as well finish the saga. If I remember correctly, I think I preferred the third one to the second one. 😉

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