#96-Luxe by Anna Godbersen



Gossip Girl set in 1899? Sure why not. I will give anything a try once. I like sordid affairs, and I like period pieces, so I was pretty sure this was worth a shot. Luxe is the first in a series of four. It follows New York’s elite upper class as they engage in love triangles, keep secrets, plot and maybe even murder?

I will finish this series. Mainly just because I have never not finished a series I have started, but I am not particularly excited about it. None of the characters were likeable. They were all selfish, spoiled rich kids who pouted and threw temper tantrums. Maybe that’s the point? Maybe that’s the appeal? I never liked TV shows like Gossip Girl either, with similar plots and characters.

Honestly, the only thing that really impacted me about this book was the “slow, seductive wink”. I am not sure what a “slow, seductive wink” looks like, only that the characters in this book were very fond of them and used them liberally. I tried it out on my husband and he thought I has something in my eye…Maybe I need more practice.


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