Bonus Reads: The Third and Final Installment! #117-125

I am pretty sure, that even I can’t squeeze in one more book in 2014.

117. The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness– The final book in the All Souls Triology, and while I loved the series, I have very mixed reactions of this particular book. I loved the story of Diana and Matthew, but the conclusion was not all I hoped for. I still have a lot of unanswered questions. My real complaint is just that’s it’s over. I did some research, and Harkness has no plans on continuing the story of Diana and Matthew. I am holding out for a story with some of the other characters though.

118. Gathering Blue by Lois Lowery– Who knew The Giver was part of a quartet? Gathering Blue does not continue the story of Jonas, but tells a different story of a girl names, Kira set in the same universe. Very good.

119. Irish Rebel by Nora Roberts- So I have serious book hangover after reading The All Souls trilogy. Hence the week of Nora Roberts. She is my favorite romance writer, and I love the generations of families that she creates.

120. Irish Thoroughbred by Nora Roberts-  It’s called Irish Thoroughbred…it didn’t win a Pulitzer. But it made me happy.

121. Skin Deep by Nora Roberts– If you haven’t read any of Nora Robert’s “O’Hurley’s” books, do your self a favor and read them!

122. Irish Hearts by Nora Roberts- Sometimes, I just need to read a book that I know will have a happy ending.

123. The 100 by Kass Morgan– This is the first book in a triology, that is also a TV show on CW. So the author, is actually an editor who wrote the book while the show was being created. So this is a case of egg or chicken. Maybe it’s still the book hangover talking but the show is way better. (I will deny saying this).

124.Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith- I might also deny loving this book. I never like Pride and Prejudice spin offs, maybe because I knew it would be ridiculous, I was able to separate it, but whatever the reasons, I really enjoyed this book. I laughed out loud!

125. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins- What a cute story. Sometimes I need YA to remind what it’s like falling in love for the first time. Magic.


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