Bonus Reads! #101-110

Ya’ll didn’t think I could really stop at 100, did you? I have been a busy bee this last month. Like I said before, reading books is a piece of cake but writing about them seems like a chore. And I am really bad about doing my chores. Which means, I have read several books this […]

#51- Abdication By Juliet Nicholson

Abdication tells the story of King Edward VIII who decided to abdicate the throne to marry American socialite and divorcee, Wallis Simpson, at the brink of World War II.  The story is told through the view points  of May Thomas, who becomes secretary and chauffeur for Sir Phillip, an British politician. Then there is lonely, […]

#27- Her Mother’s Daughter by Julianne Moore

I have loved historical fiction since I was little girl( Does anyone remember the Dear America books?). I love reading of times long ago, places far away. Dreamy men and ladies who are tougher than they appear. And no one does all that better than the Brits. You could definitely call me a anglophile, a […]