Bonus Reads Part Duex: #111-116

December is a busy time of year in my house. As if the Holidays with two young kids wasn’t enough, it’s also my oldest’s birthday month. I have been busy, busy planning an awesome birthday and holiday season for my kiddies. That however, hasn’t slowed me down. There is just too many good, juicy reads […]

Bonus Reads! #101-110

Ya’ll didn’t think I could really stop at 100, did you? I have been a busy bee this last month. Like I said before, reading books is a piece of cake but writing about them seems like a chore. And I am really bad about doing my chores. Which means, I have read several books this […]

#96-Luxe by Anna Godbersen

  Gossip Girl set in 1899? Sure why not. I will give anything a try once. I like sordid affairs, and I like period pieces, so I was pretty sure this was worth a shot. Luxe is the first in a series of four. It follows New York’s elite upper class as they engage in love […]

#92- The House Girl

Recently, I have read several historical fiction novels with a very similar format; where is the past and present intertwine forming two distinct yet connected stories. After reading so many like this, I felt like the tactic was being overused, played out. It became boring to me. That is, until I read The House Girl. […]

#90- The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philip Sendker

I am so, so glad that I read this book. It was recommended to me months ago by a co-worker and by my aunt. Upon finishing it, I immediately called them both to rave. The Art of Hearing Heartbeats is a beautiful story of a young woman, Julia who travels to her father’s homeland of […]

#66- An Echo in the Bone and #67-Written in My Own Heart’s Blood By Diana Gabaldon(Outlander books 7 & 8)

                    *** SPOILERS AHEAD- because I am really excited!*** I am writing this post after seriously putting down book 8 just 20 minutes ago. I am suffering from serious book hangover. After reading all eight books in a matter of months, I am spent. And knowing […]

#51- Abdication By Juliet Nicholson

Abdication tells the story of King Edward VIII who decided to abdicate the throne to marry American socialite and divorcee, Wallis Simpson, at the brink of World War II.  The story is told through the view points  of May Thomas, who becomes secretary and chauffeur for Sir Phillip, an British politician. Then there is lonely, […]

#47 and #48- The Fiery Cross and A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander Series) by Diana Gabaldon

  Still muddling through the seemingly never-ending Outlander series. Actually, muddling is not the right word because I am loving every second of it.  The adventures of Claire Randall, and Jamie Fraser has captured my imagination and I just can’t stop reading. In book five and six, Claire and Jamie travel to the new world, […]

#43-#46- Outlander Series Books 1-4 by Diana Gabaldon

    If anyone is actually reading this blog, which I sincerely doubt, you might have noticed that I have been AWOL. That’s because, I’ve been hanging out 1700’s Scotland with a hottie named Jamie Fraser. That’s right, I have a new fictional boyfriend, sorry Four. This series has been on my list for years. […]