#41- The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

  I have long been a fan of Neil Gaiman without reading a single one of his novels. He wrote the book versions of the movie Stardust,(which is has DeNiro at his best) and of Coraline which is one of my favorite all time movies.  I didn’t realize either one of these movies were books […]

#40- This is Where I Leave You by Johnaton Tropper

This not a book for those faint of heart. Bad word warning. If you are squeamish about language or sex, this probably will rub you the wrong way. However, I do not have a problem with either subject matter, therefore I thought this book was a hoot!  The dark, sarcastic humor was right up my […]

#37- A Wrinkle in Time and #38 The White Princess (techincally #11 and #12)

Sooooo anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me  knows that a) I’m obsessed with Doctor Who b) I’m obsessed with my kids and c) I lack attention to detail. That lack of attention to detail makes doing things like keeping track of 100 books and writing a blog about it sorta difficult. […]

#35 The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I’ve started a new book choosing method. I have some many unread books piled next to my bed or downloaded on my kindle that it was starting to become overwhelming picking my next book. So, I put all the titles I own in a jar,close my eyes and pulled one out. The Perks of Being […]

#34- The Once and Future King 1-4 by T.H White

I read this book based of the recommendation of my good friend, who couldn’t believe that I, a lover of fantasy and the English culture, has never read this story. This book is like the grand-daddy of  the fantasy genre. Without The Once and Future King, there would be no Game of Thrones, no Hobbit, […]